Why it’s important to do team building

Team building was one of the most important company’s events before, but political and social changes caused this and it was the reason for social distance. So the COVID-19 virus and the current situation in Ukraine have affected almost all businesses, companies, and the working system too.  All this impacts mental health and feelings of isolation or remote employee burnout have become prevalent issues. Therefore, the importance of team building plays a key role here, and it is useful to delve deeper into the main highlights. 

The primary aspects by team bonding are such tasks as rules and goals setting, and also responsibilities defining. First of all, it is really important to encourage coworkers, especially remote employees, to work together as a team, to create a common vision and to achieve common goals. This process builds a stronger and motivated team among employees. 

And what does “team building” really mean? Often the first idea that comes to mind is that team building is just a team entertainment. But it’s not the same. On the one hand it is a great way to have a good time with the coworkers. But on the other hand the meaning of this event is deeper: team building creates the best opportunity for employees  to understand strengths, weaknesses, and interests of each other. And this could help them to identify and encourage their individual and collective potential, and to work easier together in the future. 

When employees work as a team with a specific common goal, there is the best way to build trust among coworkers. And trust helps for people to communicate better, to listen to each other, to expose their own ideas, also to take risk, to collaborate, etc. And also such creative environment could be the best opportunity to find and discover hidden skills of employees, to uncover potential weaknesses or strengths, and also achieve their highest potential, for example leaders example leaders could arise and the quiet employee could be really good at inspiring others, etc. 

One more benefit of team building is improvement in skills like problem-solving and conflict resolution. For example, the boat regatta is a really good tool to develop these skills. This way, the team members are bound to find different solutions together. This ability is really valuable in the workplace because the employees often need to navigate disagreements, diverse opinions and perspectives,  and also conflicts for a successful outcome and also to talk through the problems in an open manner.

Team building activities not only bring people closer together but also stimulate their creativity and innovation, especially by achieving the goal. Everyone gets a chance to bring something new or to share his unique ideas. This new experience often requires team members to use their imagination and also motivate them to learn from each other. So it is the best space for efficient work, innovative fresh ideas and new perspectives. 

Another benefit of team building is that it can be an effective way to improve company culture and create a more positive work environment for employees. During team building activities everyone gets on the same page, so it  can help develop positive and closer relationships between coworkers what creates a sense of belonging to the team. After such team building activities teammates often feel good and even better about themselves. And this feeling is a sign that employer really cares about well-being of employees.