Team building ideas

Since “team building” is a very important aspect to ensure smooth team work and excellent cooperation with each other, it is also important to decide what activities to do so that it is not only memorable but maybe even memorable. If you are short on team building ideas, we have selected the TOP key activities and activities that can be organized for you and your team members who want to have a great time together.

Boats regatta

Entertainment is usually organized during the summer for those who want to take part in real boat races and are not afraid of water and challenges. A whole new experience in managing a ship and a great opportunity to completely break away from everyday life. As it can accommodate from 6 to 80 people (1 on board up to 8 people) depending on the size of the ships and the number of ships, it is a great activity to bring the team closer and spend their free time actively. The non-traditional event is designed to surprise colleagues and allow them to experience unprecedented adventures. Unforgettable time, team distribution, discussion of the competition distance and brief instruction to ensure the safety of the team are waiting for you. This type of entertainment is organized in Trakai, Klaipeda, Greece. During the winter season – in the Canary Islands.

Team building training

We recommend team building training for your team. We offer various lectures / trainings for: team internal problem solving, employee motivation and strengthening, sales and negotiation skills.

Paul Kovo’s motivational training is best appreciated by clients, especially after the ship regatta. Paul refers to the book “Life in the Storm”, we guarantee that you will get a real wave of emotions.


Who doesn’t like to taste something they haven’t tasted before? This team-building activity will not only bring you closer, but also allow you to try products that have not been tasted anywhere and may not even be available for sale. It covers everything from wine, beer and champagne to chocolate, cheese, waffles and dishes from around the world. Tastings are intended not only for eating or tasting drinks, but also for getting acquainted with the culture of the product being tasted, its history, its types and differences. After each tasting, you will be able to apply it to your environment and surprise your loved ones. Give your colleagues a gourmet evening and new discoveries! It is also important to mention that the tastings are led by certified and long-established experts in their field.

Live music

How about forming a team without a good live concert? For the sake of diversity and to ensure a great team mood, music is known to help. Depending on whether the team formation takes place in a homestead or in rented premises in the city center or in the office itself, it is extremely popular to reward your employees with a performance by a well-known performer and thus complete the official part of the team building. Nowadays, you can choose from a myriad of new and early performers in the music scene, so each company will be free to find the musician who best suits their values and broadcasts the most appropriate ideas, thus ensuring the involvement of colleagues and a wonderful time.

Fireworks show

You’ve probably all heard of the grandiose international fireworks festival that takes place every year in Vingis Park. It turns out that all this can be organized at a personal party organized by the company. Without waiting for the end of the evening, you can try and easily use the fireworks batteries and various combinations of fireworks batteries, thus creating a spectacular and unforgettable spectacle. In this case, a very detailed consultation is provided about the types and types of fireworks, a demonstration of how to use them and the effect of each different type of fireworks. This will allow the team to work not only creatively, but also have the courage to ignite everything afterwards. Or you can choose from an already designed and tested fireworks show package that can be controlled remotely, synchronized with music and allow the team to enjoy the special atmosphere safely and reliably.

Wizard show 

As far back as I can remember, as a child, we all watched the shows of magicians on TV and break our heads as they do it all. Although it was not possible to “comfort” before and now it is possible to see how one or another trick is performed in a few seconds, there is still excitement and even a desire not to know the secrets of illusionists in order to keep the excitement and surprise. The unique magic program allows you to fully engage all the people involved in team building and even be a part of the trick yourself. This is a great and interactive entertainment for anyone who wants to remember and talk about the illusionist involved in the company and his magic for a long time to come.

Olympic Games

One of the activities that requires the most organization and creativity is the company’s Olympics. The division of teams, their excitement and physical tasks

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